Why fund your project on Zaar?

  • Dedicated campaign support
  • Professional business coaching
  • Access to our network
  • Marketing support
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Enable your cause

Why support a great idea on Zaar?

Back projects you believe in
Be part of a community
Help others, especially novel entrepreneurs
Benefit from a reward system
Be proud to be involved
Encourage others to do the same

Why choose Zaar Crowdfunding?

Dedicated Campaign Support

Grant Thornton supports Zaar by providing training and toolkits for project initiators and start-ups.

They also provide one-to-one assistance and business advice for project initiators  who are considering crowdfunding as an alternative source of finance for their innovative ideas or projects.

Local Crowdfunding Platform

Do you have a great idea or project? Zaar is a donation/reward-based crowdfunding platform,to promote entrepreneurship in Malta and support local start-ups. ZAAR offers an alternative to raise finance for their projects and business ideas. Local platform available worldwide.

Partners with Arts Council Malta

Arts Council Malta (ACM) is a partner with Zaar. Together we aim to support and offer the best space for creatives and supporters to launch their idea on the Zaar platform and get their projects funded. ACM is the national agency for development and investment in the cultural and creative sectors.

Professional Marketing Support

Your crowdfunding campaign will achieve new promotional heights with the support of our dedicated team of experts. We’ll publish your project in our newsletter updates, provide campaign and PR support, and let our network know about your project through regular social media updates.

Successfully Crowdfunded Projects

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