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Crowdfunding – as much about the crowd it creates, as the funds it raises

Crowdfunding doesn’t just raise money – it can also help business, cultural, research and community ventures to achieve their goals. Although a globally popular form of alternate finance, crowdfunding’s purpose is often misunderstood as being solely about money. And since campaigns for philanthropic organisations or charities have helped it gain such widespread popularity, this has birthed another misconception – thatread more

Join the Crowd to Turn the Tide on Ocean Plastic Pollution

Crowdfunding on Zaar, Rebecca Hamilton’s marathon swim aims to help Żibel recycle the plastic it removes from Malta’s coastline. A new crowdfunding campaign that closes on 20 July aims to raise €8,000 to help purchase an ocean plastics recycling machine for Żibel, a registered voluntary organisation and eNGO working to reduce Malta’s waste and restore the island’s natural environment. Toread more