With eeMod the Possibilities will be Endless

Great things come in small packages – and eeRoots are just €200 away from launching the smallest (in size), biggest (in concept), and simplest solution to all your prototyping problems.

Wondering what eeMod is?

In a nutshell, eeMod is a platform that will revolutionise the way you build prototypes, learn programming, control electronics, and even play with your kids.

With integrated Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, infrared sensors, motor controls, light sensors, colour sensor, compass, gyro, accelerometer, SD card slot and USB – all on a module that fits in your palm – the eeMod can aid anyone from engineers to DIY enthusiasts to students and teachers.

eeMod is also a super fun toy that can form the base of a robot, help you with your YouTube blogging or even in wireless data logging… Come on, guys, seriously! How many objects can you think of that could be anything from a mechanised selfie-stick to a remote-control car?

So, why should you support this ambitious project?

This product is incredibly simple to use, and its versatility makes it both a powerful tool and a great toy for learning and experimenting. It runs on Arduino, so there’s already a lot of information on the www to help you programme it to do what you want it to, too!

Now, the only thing in between you getting your hands on eeMod is four days and the last €200 they need to raise. Help support this project – and bag your first eeMod – by supporting the eeRoots team here.