Crowdfunding at Christmas

Creating a crowdfunding campaign destined for success is as much about good timing, as anything else.

You may have created the perfect campaign for your project, with clear content, an introductory video, inviting images and tempting rewards, but if you launch at the wrong time for your audience, then it will all be for nothing.

This is the difficulty felt by most crowdfunding campaigns launched around the Christmas period. Whilst it is traditionally the season for giving, it is also a time when your potential backers will be more focused on spending time with – and their money on – their families.

Furthermore, they may not be surfing the net as much as usual, which is a vital component for successful crowdfunding.

The festive season need not necessarily sound the crowdfunding death knell, however, if your project can use this to its advantage.

This is the ideal time to launch your campaign if its theme is somewhat Christmas-related, or even better, if your campaign offers rewards that can double as a Christmas present, festive experience or decoration.

These rewards will be enticing to people who are, at that time, busily spending money on Christmas gifts, but it is vital you can guarantee that these rewards will be delivered to them in time, or your backers may well hesitate in giving you some of their festive funds.

Yuletide is also an ideal time for any campaigns that have a philanthropic goal, as backers are more likely to donate to a cause they believe in during this traditional feast of goodwill.

This also applies to any campaigns operating as community collectives which aim to crowdfund projects that are socially beneficial, such as decorative lights, holiday parades, Christmas trees, or festive dinners for the needy.

These charitable crowdfunding campaigns can also often attract support from corporate sponsors eager to give something back as part of their CSR goals.

Whatever your crowdfunding goals are this festive season, the ZAAR Crowdfunding team sends our very best wishes for Christmas and New Year.