Crowdfunding for Change: Help Children in Kenya Drink Clean Water 

Mission4Changes marks its fourth anniversary by crowdfunding for a life-saving project to build a borehole in the Kenyan village of Kibwezi.

A new crowdfunding campaign on Zaar will address the urgent need for clean water in the village of Kibwezi in Kenya.

The campaign hopes to raise €17,000 – of which more than a third has already been donated from generous backers – to kick-start the project to drill a borehole in Kibwezi. 

Water is a fundamental necessity of life: yet, in Kenya alone, approximately 3,100 children die each year due to lack of access to clean water. The schoolchildren in Kibwezi Youth Centre currently receive just two cups of clean water to drink per day. This water is brought to them from distances that are greater than the length of Malta, carried in jerrycans similar to those typically used to carry fuel.

The new borehole, once complete, would be both life-changing and live-saving for these children, providing them access to clean, safe water from which they can drink as much as they need, as well as dramatically improving the health and quality of life for families in the area.

While every donation makes a meaningful impact, backers will also receive a reward according to the amount they donate, from a heartfelt thank-you note delivered via email, to a Mission4Changes T-shirt or hoodie to proudly display their support for this important cause.

Mission4Changes, a non-religious movement dedicated to humanitarian missions, launched the project to celebrate its fourth anniversary of impactful service around the world.

“Mission4Changes has always stood for turning compassion into action. As we celebrate our fourth anniversary, there’s no better way to honour our mission than by addressing the urgent need for clean water in Kibwezi,” says one volunteer at Mission4Changes. “This project is more than just drilling a borehole – it’s about saving lives and empowering communities. Through crowdfunding on Zaar, we can connect directly with people in Malta who share our passion for making a difference. Together, with collective action and generosity, we can create lasting change and bring hope to those who need it most.”

Support the Donate Clean Water to Children in Kibwezi, Kenya crowdfunding campaign on Zaar.