Crowdfunding Support for SMEs – COVID-19 Response

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to financially impact small businesses, a crowdfunding campaign could help you stay afloat by helping your cashflow.

ZAAR is a Maltese crowdfunding platform that can help startups and SMEs create a fundraising campaign to raise money and improve the current cashflow. Use reward-based crowdfunding for pre-sales.

Many are looking at how they can help those affected by COVID-19 and most probably your customers want to show their support and lend a hand to their favourite local business, but they may not know-how. A crowdfunding campaign could facilitate this.

How can this work?

  1. You need cash to support your employees or family when you are self-employed.
  2. Customers want to support you but they are at home and can’t come to your outlet or use your service
  3. Create an online campaign on ZAAR to raise money to keep paying your bills and wages by offering coupons, discounts or deals for customers to use later.
  4. Customers who are constantly online can pre-buy your services and or products by paying you now and benefit from your services later.


A clear Win-Win situation!!

  • You remain afloat and go through this tough time while remaining in business.
  • Your customers benefit from special deals while helping you remain in business for them to have you around later.
  • A special bond is created between your customers and your business to keep the local community going strong.


So what should you do?

Contact us –> Budget what you need to raise to remain in business or to kick off a project you had been planning –> List out what you can offer your customers.

It is a nice gesture to give your patrons a special “thank you” for their support, even if it’s just a coupon for a future purchase. Here are a few unique ideas for thanking your customers for their generosity:

  • Matching discounts for their donation spread out over time
  • Discounted gift cards for when business is back to normal
  • Priority booking for service-based businesses
  • Free upgrade or add-on service
  • Buy one now get one free for when the business is back to normal

Put all this online in a campaign and let everyone know how they can participate, help and benefit from your offers.

Do you want more information on Crowdfunding?

To support SMEs in these difficult times, we at ZAAR want to hear from you so we can schedule a one-to-one Skype call and explain how crowdfunding can be utilised. ZAAR will be waiving the platform charges.

Get started by filling in the form below so we can contact you and schedule an online call to discuss further:

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