Help a Little Girl to Walk, With Crowdfunding

A new Zaar campaign hopes to help fund four-year-old Kate’s surgery to enable her to stand and walk, free from pain.

A recently launched crowdfunding campaign hopes to raise funds towards the life-changing surgery of a child in Malta.
The Let’s give Kate Hope to Walk campaign launched earlier this month on local platform, Zaar, aims to raise €15,000 towards the cost of surgery and therapies for four-year-old Kate. As one of just 200 people worldwide diagnosed with Tatton Brown Rahman Syndrome (TBRS), Kate also has a mutation on this extremely rare disease, making her the only case of its kind in the world.

“Currently, Kate can’t stand on her feet without a lot of pain. She requires surgery in both feet to fix her tendon shortening and feet deformation caused by her syndrome, and to help her stand painlessly and, hopefully, walk,” explain Kate’s parents, Charmaine and Daniel.

In just four years, Kate has already undergone three surgeries: open heart surgery, Achilles tendon lengthening and abdominal wall defect. She attends various therapies every day, both in Malta and abroad, to improve her mobility, made possible by past contributions. Unfortunately, her condition is worsening and she has also been diagnosed with cone dystrophy – another rare disease, which could lead to blindness.

While the various therapies Kate undergoes help her improve, they are not enough to withstand her accelerated growth due to the syndrome. This next critical surgery aims to help flatten her feet and provide stability for balance, strengthening and better weight-bearing, long-term – and ultimately should lead to her being able to walk.

Set to be carried out by specialised doctor Matthew Dobbs at the Paley European Institute in Poland, the estimated cost of the surgery, combined with post-operation therapies and other therapies during the five weeks abroad, totals €36,500. While generous donations have already raised much of this sum, Kate’s family has launched the crowdfunding campaign on Zaar to raise the remaining €15,000 with the help of Malta’s community.

“Bearing in mind that she might lose her eyesight, for Kate to walk is imperative for her independence,” Kate’s parents continue. “We want to thank all the generous donators that have already contributed, and all those who back the Zaar campaign, for your support, kindness and generosity. With your help, you can give a better life to our daughter, Kate.”

Find out more and to donate to the Let’s give Kate Hope to Walk campaign on Zaar.