Help Jasmine Fight Cerebral Palsy with Crowdfunding

A new Zaar campaign hopes to make a huge difference to little Jasmine’s quality of life with a revolutionary treatment called Neurocyton.

A recently launched crowdfunding campaign on local platform Zaar hopes to help a little girl in Malta overcome the limitations of cerebral palsy.

Jasmine’s life had a challenging start, enduring countless days and months in the hospital following her diagnosis with cerebral palsy: a condition that affects her physical motor skills.

Against all odds, she has finally now taken her first steps towards healing and is working hard to get better every day. However, the road to a brighter future for Jasmine remains long and full of challenges, as she requires continuous support with therapies to help improve her motor skills.

Yet, with the help of funds raised via the new crowdfunding campaign on Zaar, a better quality of life for Jasmine can still become a reality.

To help their daughter improve, her parents explored new possibilities and various research studies, discovering in the process a revolutionary treatment called ‘Neurocyton’, offered by Neurocytonix in Mexico. This groundbreaking treatment employs non-thermal and non-radioactive radiofrequency pulses to target the brain. By gently administering these pulses in a non-invasive manner, Neurocyton aims to help the brain heal and create new neurotracts – a potentially life-changing development for Jasmine.

Commencing in September, Jasmine’s treatment would span 28 days, with one hour of focused care each day. To cover the costs of the treatment itself, as well as the necessary accommodations, flights, medications and other expenses, the family aims to raise approximately €65,000 through the generous support and contributions of backers through Zaar. Following the treatment, Jasmine’s ongoing daily therapies would then continue to strengthen her motor, sensory and communication skills.

“This treatment is a beacon of hope that creates new possibilities to heal and improve the lives of children like Jasmine, who through it all has never lost her fighting spirit,” say her parents.

“On behalf of Jasmine, we extend our deepest gratitude for your support – and ask that you continue to help us with your contributions to ensure that Jasmine receives the care that she deserves. Each and every single act of kindness will surely leave an incredible mark on her journey. Together, we can make a difference and rewrite Jasmine’s story.”

Find out more about Jasmine’s Journey to Hope and make a donation to help her receive this life-changing treatment.