Help Protect Malta’s Environment, With Crowdfunding

A new campaign on Zaar aims to support the Malta Ranger Unit in its mission to safeguard the island’s natural environment.


Everyone can now help increase environmental protection in Malta, via a new crowdfunding campaign on local platform, Zaar.

The Malta Ranger Unit (MRU) – a newly formed NGO – launched the fundraising campaign to help increase its manpower and equipment, so that its Rangers can protect the natural environment through public education, environmental monitoring and pursuing necessary legal action. 

“We formed the MRU after observing that the ratio between environmental crimes in the Maltese countryside and their successful prosecution in Court was not on the side of the environment,” said Cami Appelgren at the MRU. “We aim to prevent environmental crimes, empower the public through education about the Environmental Laws of Malta, address the climate of fear of repercussions surrounding reporting crimes, and ensure there is sufficient evidence to support successful prosecutions. Plus, while we defend the natural environment, we indirectly improve the general mental health of the public.”

Highlighting this correlation between a healthy environment and a healthy mind, two Rangers from the Unit plan to walk 800km across Spain to complete the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage this August. During their epic one-month journey they will meet amazing individuals and professionals in the field, compiling their stories of how nature helps them cope with mental health challenges in a book.

Funds raised via the crowdfunding campaign on Zaar, which aims to raise €50,000 through community donations for this worthy cause, will also support the costly daily operation of the MRU to monitor and safeguard the Maltese countryside and rural areas. 

“While the Unit aims to employ more Rangers and equip them to better document illegalities, it also continuously trains all its Rangers in Environmental Law, and how to monitor breaches and document them for successful prosecution by the authorities,” continues Ms Appelgren. “The MRU is 100% independent, meaning that all our operations are solely funded by public and corporate donations. In being so, we guarantee a high level of integrity, particularly when it comes to highlighting systematic bureaucracy in the legislative and enforcement agencies. This is environmental protection by the community, for the community. For less than the cost of two cappuccinos, you can make your voice heard and help us safeguard our environment for future generations to enjoy!”

Meanwhile, those who donate to the Zaar crowdfunding campaign can also invest in national wellbeing through an MRU membership subscription, among other incentives. Depending on the amount donated, backers can receive membership to the MRU for 2023, plus free tickets to one of the Nature Walk events offered by the Rangers during 2023/2024, and the Unit’s mental health awareness book, once published. There are also Corporate Donation tiers available, with rewards including thank-you posts on social media, free copies of the book, and the invitation to carry out a CSR activity in collaboration with the Unit. 

Donate to the Let’s increase Environmental Protection in Malta campaign on Zaar