Help the Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco Get Around!

A crowdfunding campaign on Zaar hopes to fund a vehicle the sisters can use to develop a new programme for young people in Xghajra

The Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco have launched a crowdfunding campaign on local platform Zaar to help them buy a van as part of an innovative new youth-focused programme.

The Helping the Salesian sisters of Don Bosco get around! Zaar campaign aims to raise €8000 to cover the cost of a second-hand eight-seater vehicle, which they will use to transport the children and adolescents who benefit from the programme.

The socio-educational project, named Main, will provide children and adolescents aged between six and 18 in Xghajra – especially the most vulnerable and those in social, cultural and economic difficulties – with holistic education and development according to the Salesian ethos. Shaped around the needs of the young people themselves, the after-school programme aims to improve school performance and help them become active participants in their community through games, homework support and study, group interaction and emotional and spiritual development.

The Salesians are a Roman Catholic religious organisation founded in the late 19th century by Don Bosco, an Italian priest who dedicated his life to working for children and youth. Today, the Salesians remain a vibrant global organisation, including in the Maltese Islands since 1903. The Oratory in Sliema, better known as Salesjani, carries out activities aimed at educating and empowering young members to become leaders, both in their own lives and across Maltese society. The Salesian sisters of Don Bosco are likewise known worldwide for their dedication and commitment to educating youth of all ages, according to the preventative system of Don Bosco and Mary Mazzarello.

“The salvation of the young is the main purpose of our life,” explains Sister Maria Diaz, who leads the development of the programme. “All our work has one central objective: to educate our young holistically – spiritually, mentally and physically – so that they can feel protagonists of their own history and learn the necessary social skills to develop their abilities. Through crowdfunding on Zaar, we can reach out and share our mission with more people in Malta. With continued prayer and their kind donations, the local community can support us as we guide Malta’s youth towards reaching their full potential.”

Visitors are invited to donate to the Helping the Salesian sisters of Don Bosco get around! crowdfunding campaign at Further information is also available at