How can Zaar’s new branding help you crowdfund your next project?

Malta’s only reward-based crowdfunding platform has rebranded – here’s how it helps you

The recent launch of a new logo and newly redesigned website at Zaar has signalled the next chapter in the success of Malta’s favourite crowdfunding platform.

Zaar has already helped hundreds of projects of all kinds raise both funds and awareness on a local and international level.

Of course, it is not just in Malta that crowdfunding has taken off: on a global scale, it has revolutionised the world of alternative finance, helping entrepreneurs from all backgrounds find the means to turn their ideas into reality. There have been successful campaigns from the worlds of business, arts, community, fashion, research and beyond – and the crowdfunding opportunities remain endless.

Here is how the rebranded Zaar can help you on your journey to crowdfunding success, no matter what kind of project you want to bring to life.

The new Zaar sub-brands spotlight your project

Zaar’s new look makes crowdfunding even easier for all types of projects.

Your campaign is tagged with distinctive icons and colour schemes related to one of four main Zaar sub-brands, as follows, so that your potential backers can find it – and contribute – faster.

  • Zaar Business: This is the home of all campaigns related to start-ups, commerce, and entrepreneurship.
  • Zaar Community: These projects tackle issues related to civic responsibility and the community.
  • Zaar Culture: Backers can support the creative sector in this category, helping to produce the next book, theatre production, musical recital, or work of art.
  • Zaar Research: Research projects crowdfund to support important developments and scientific understanding.

Benefit from our dedicated team of business and crowdfunding experts

Whatever sub-brand your projects falls into, the Zaar team will be with you every step of the way. By launching a campaign on Zaar, you still have unlimited access to a range of benefits to help you succeed, including:

  • Dedicated campaign support to help you refine your story or focus
  • Professional business coaching and one-to-one advice on your business plan from Grant Thornton Malta
  • Networking opportunities across our wide range of diverse owners and partners across Malta and Europe
  • Professional marketing support, with your project promoted as standard across our newsletter updates, press and PR campaigns and regular social media updates.

Zaar already has international recognition

Although Zaar’s local knowledge and network is second to none, this is a crowdfunding platform that already has an impressive international reputation.

Each year, Zaar’s campaign success rate is more than 80 per cent – while similar reward-based crowdfunding platforms worldwide average around just 53 per cent.

We are a gold member of the European Crowdfunding Network (ECN) and even recently signed an agreement with the Ministry for the Economy and Industry, as part of a €300,000 investment to help transform innovative ideas into businesses in Malta.

If you want to take your idea global through crowdfunding, we can give it a unique high-traffic platform to help you do that.

Zaar is continuously improving

While the new branding celebrates the sheer versatility of crowdfunding, it also marks the next chapter for the Zaar team as we grow along with the platform.

The new Zaar logo and website, designed by The Concept Stadium, refresh the brand from an image perspective, reflecting our sleek and modern style as we move forward and expand as a company.

And exciting times lie ahead for Zaar, with more updates already in the pipeline that promise to keep pioneering crowdfunding for projects in Malta just like yours.

Speak to a member of the Zaar team today to help you start your crowdfunding journey.