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Share your great idea

Get your project on ZAAR by registering and sharing your story. 

Let potential backers know how much money you think you’ll need to launch your project. Explain your idea, tell people what you want to achieve, and let them know why you need funding. Jazz it up by adding a few photos or a short video explaining what you plan to do. Take the first step…


Promote your page
& receive donations

Once your project is live on the Zaar platform, spread the word. 

Develop a good awareness campaign about your project by building a strategy to share your message to your network and the crowd, offer attractive rewards, launch your campaign, and start receiving financial support. Ask your network to share it too, for further reach.


Start your project

Fulfill your promises and launch your idea.

Once your project is fully funded you will receive the funds to start your business idea. Send the rewards to your backers as promised, and consider keeping in regular contact with them as they may be your business’s greatest supporters.

Why use Zaar Crowdfunding?

Dedicated Campaign Support

We’re dedicated to supporting your project and helping you refine your story or focus.

Enabling Causes

We waive our ‘all-or-nothing’ clause for philanthropic organisations.

Access to our Network

We’re well-networked through the diversity of our owners and partners.

Marketing Support

We promote your project with a newsletter mention, press release, and social media posts.

Stand out from the Crowd

Being a local platform means that your project will not get lost in the masses.

Professional Business Coaching

Benefit from professional advice on your business plan by Grant Thornton.

Trusted Partners

We’re backed by reputable supporting partners like the University of Malta and the Malta Business Bureau.

Continuous Improvements

We’re continually looking to improve the way we support you with your crowdfunding campaign.

Testimonials for Zaar

“I myself am so happy with the crowd funding results… I’m sure that we will work with ZAAR Crowdfunding on another project in the future.”

Zaar's Crowdfunding Guide

We’re currently updating our guide to crowdfunding, so check back soon for the new issue.

If you’d like a digital copy of the old issue, contact us and we’ll send it over.

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