JAYE Marketplace

What is the JAYE company programme?

The JAYE Malta Company Programme is a programme that offers post-secondary students the opportunity to propose a business idea, formulate it, and turn it into a reality over the course of one academic year – all within the framework of an inter-organisational network of youths.


What is Zaar Crowdfunding?

Zaar is the first Maltese crowdfunding platform. Zaar helps individuals, start-ups, NGOs and other entities raise funds from the public to finance their projects, ideas, and products.

Since 2020, JAYE and Zaar have been collaborating to create a virtual marketplace for the participating  JAYE companies to showcase and sell their products online.

JAYE Companies 2020-2022


by X-Hale

Our aim is to provide the best possible solution to foggy glasses in a simple and comfortable manner.
210.57% Funded
0Days left

Apollo | a JAYE Malta company

by Apollo

The Apollo Charger is a solar power bank allowing you to utilise the power of the sun to top up your mobile device three times over in a single charge.
100% Funded
0Days left


by EduCard

We strive towards one mission; making every card count. Providing high-quality cards that have been proven to withstand the wear and tear of 5-7 year old children is our goal and we offer educational tools that allow all children to experience learning success, in an unconventional way.
190.67% Funded
0Days left


by Candid!

At Candid, we sell 100% biodegradable, recyclable, stylish and shockproof iPhone cases. Our vision is empowering people to take action in being part of the solution to pollution. We execute our vision by distributing and promoting biodegradable phone cases.
106.9% Funded
0Days left

Unlimited: Copper Bangles

by Unlimited

Providing high end copper jewellery wear for any occasion! Mixing Classy with Sleek to give you the perfect Bangle.
25.66% Funded
0Days left


by Flo-Pot

We are a JAYE company providing an educational and fun home-gardening kit, in which we hope to engage our youth in protecting our planet.
64.75% Funded
0Days left