Kicking Off Your Crowdfunding Campaign with a Launch Event

According to the proverb, ‘a good beginning makes a good ending’ – and this is especially true in the world of crowdfunding.

While there are many factors that will determine whether your crowdfunding campaign will ultimately be a success, one of the most important is how well it starts, right from the moment it is launched.

To help kick off your campaign with a bang, consider planning an exclusive launch event that will engage your target audience as well as boost your network of contacts that could help make your project a long-term success.

Why Start Your Campaign with a Launch Event?

Although online outreach is essential for a successful crowdfunding campaign, equally important is grabbing every opportunity to promote your project offline and in person with your potential backers.

An ideal way to do this is to arrange a fun launch event for your campaign, preferably during which the online campaign is officially launched.

By personally engaging face-to-face with your potential backers, you will also have the invaluable opportunity to help them understand your project and to see your passion in person, which can offer a boost to the initial funding received on your campaign.

Likewise, if any members of your intended audience are still unfamiliar with the concept of crowdfunding, then your launch event can answer their queries while promoting your project.

How Can You Plan a Successful Launch Event?

A slick, professional and well-organised launch event will increase your chances of reaching – or even exceeding – your funding goal before the close of your crowdfunding campaign.

As always in the world of crowdfunding, planning is key. Begin with a promotion strategy that will let people know about the event, so those in attendance already understand the aim of the event before they arrive.

Next, send out your first invitations to your close friends and family members, before following up with any professional connections who might be interested in your project. Your invitation list should also include local influencers relevant to your project, who could be special guests at your launch event and may even give a small speech if requested.

Be sure to set the scene to make the most of your launch event, by ensuring that the venue is welcoming, offers refreshments, is not too loud and is spacious enough to allow you to network with your guests. You might also consider adding some laptops or tablets to the space, upon which people may browse through your campaign page and add a donation there and then.

Once at the event, it’s important to be ambitious and confident in your tone of voice and demeanour, and not to be shy about urging everyone present to contribute.

Also consider how your project could benefit long-term from the event – hire a professional photographer so that you have high-quality images for your website or social media updates, and create a unique hashtag for your guests to use online to bring a sense of community around your campaign.

What are the Long-Term Benefits of having a Launch Event?

Besides packing a punch at the start of your campaign, a launch event will also serve as a chance to keep promoting your project and strengthen the message that you have already established pre-launch.

The increased awareness of your project and knowledge about crowdfunding created by your launch event will help you to build a tailored, well-informed community with a vested interest in your cause. These backers could also assist with validating your idea and increase funding opportunities well after the project’s crowdfunding campaign has completed.