Be part of an idea
that excites you – your crowdfunding platform in Malta where great ideas and funding meet.

Be part of an idea
that excites You – A crowdfunding platform where great ideas and funding meet.

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Are you looking to support a great idea?

There are several projects that require funding; find the right one for you


Browse through the Projects and find the one that inspires you to contribute and offer support.



Offer your financial support by pledging to your chosen project to help it reach its funding target.



Share the project with your network to encourage others to follow your lead and pledge.



Once the target is reached, the project can become a reality and you will receive the reward (reward-based projects only).


Why support a Project on Zaar Crowdfunding?

Support projects you believe in

Be part of a community

Help others, especially novel entrepreneurs

Benefit from a reward system

Be proud to be involved

Encourage others to do the same

Inspire trust in local entities

Give back to the community