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Fables: The Deluxe Edition donation

GNLM has donated the Fables – Deluxe Edition Hardbacks Vol 1-7 to the campaign. These will be included with all the other donations to the public Library.



Fables was a comic book series published by DC Comics’s Vertigo imprint beginning in 2002. The series deals with various people from fairy tales and folklore, referring to themselves as “Fables”, who have been forced out of their Homelands by “The Adversary” who has conquered the realm. The Fables have traveled to our world and formed a clandestine community in New York City known as Fabletown. Fables who are unable to blend in with human society (such as monsters and anthropomorphic animals) live at “the Farm” in upstate New York.

Prominent review site IGN has called it “the best comic book currently being produced”

Fables has won fourteen Eisner Awards.

  • Best New Series in 2003
  • Best Serialized Story in 2003, 2005 and 2006 (“Legends In Exile”, “March of the Wooden Soldiers” and “Homelands”)
  • Best Anthology in 2007 (Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall)
  • Best Short Story in 2007 (“A Frog’s Eye View,” by Bill Willingham and James Jean, in Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall)
  • Best Penciller/Inker or Penciller/Inker Team in 2007 (Mark Buckingham and Steve Leialoha)
  • Best Painter/Multimedia Artist (Interior) in 2007 (Jill Thompson)
  • Best Cover Artist in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009 (James Jean)

While Fables only advertises winning fourteen Eisner Awards on their covers, the following Eisner awards have also been won by members of their staff for their work on Fables:

  • Best Writer in 2009 (Bill Willingham)
  • Best Lettering in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2011 (Todd Klein)

We are sure that these will be a very popular addition to the graphic novels section which is constantly growing at the public library.

As always, thank you for the support and keep sharing the campaign to make more people aware of it.

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