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Halfway there!

We’ve made it halfway to our goal (and then some!) thanks to your generosity. Please keep sharing our page with friends to help us get to 100%

Theatre, dance, and music rehearsals are now all well underway, getting ready for opening night which is a only bit over a week away.


Here are a few words from our choreographer Brandon Shaw (Cleave Dance-Theatre) about the piece:

“A unique thing about Aldo’s experience is how he doesn’t really regard it in ways that are intuitive from the outside. This isn’t a bad thing that happened to him. Missing memories aren’t a black hole. Being in a coma isn’t a tragedy. That’s a hard thing for me to wrap my head around, but we’ve been trying to be true to Aldo’s experience, and trying to encounter this approach to lives ourselves, to dance with that.

Miriam‘s poem ‘Juliet decides to move or not to move’ mentions ‘straining to be still,’ and we’re doing that small dance that that makes balance, the motion that makes stillness.”