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Iron Man comics donation!

If you are an Iron Man fan, good news!

Ryan Scicluna, chairperson of GNLM, has donated his personal Iron Man comics collection to this campaign, so that they can be included with the Public Library’s Graphic Novel Collection.

The comics are:

  1. Iron Man : Armor Wars
  2. Iron Man : Legacy of Doom
  3. Avengers Disassembled : Iron Man
  4. Iron Man Vs Whiplash
  5. Thor/Iron Man : God Complex
  6. Iron Man : Industrial Revolution
  7. Iron Man : War of the Iron Men
  8. Iron Man : Hypervelocity
  9. Iron Man : Enter the Mandarin
  10. Iron Man : War Machine
  11. Iron Man : Doomquest
  12. Iron Man : Iron Monger

Ryan also gave us a copy of Maus, The Uncanny X-Men: Wanted: Wolverine – Dead or Alive, The Amazing Spider-Man: The Madness of Mysterio and Marvel’s Civil War.

IMG_4049 IMG_4053

We are feeling more hopeful and positive about this campaign.

The campaign has nearly reach 30% of its goal. We believe that together we can reach our goal 100%.

Thanks so much for the support.

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