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Justice League of America comics donation!

Any Justice league of America fans out there?!

Ryan Scicluna has donated another set of comics from his own personal collection. The comics that will be included in the Public Library’s collection are:

  • JLA Vol 1
  • JLA Vol 2
  • JLA : One Million
  • JLA : Justice for All
  • JLA : World War III
  • JLA : Divided We Fall
  • JLA : Terror Incognita
  • JLA : Golden Perfect
  • JLA : The Obsidian Age Bk 1
  • JLA : The Obsidian Age Bk 2

Comics 5  IMG_4058IMG_4057

If other individuals have any comics they would like to donate to the Public Library please send us an email on

Keep sharing the campaign so that we reach our goal.

Thanks for the support!

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