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During the weekend, we launched our campaign and we already had some feedback and donations. We’re off to a great start but we still need your help and support!

On Saturday 7th May, GNLM together with Wicked Comics in collaboration with the National Book Council and the Central Public Library, organized Free Comic Book Day for the second consecutive year.

This event is a global celebration of the comic book medium where free comics are distributed to children of all ages. This year, thanks to a generous donation from the National Book Council and funds from Wicked Comics, more than 500 comics were given away for free to children and adults, who visited us at the Central Public Library in Floriana and at Baystreet shopping complex.

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Free Comic Book Day is an important occasion where national literacy is given priority. Comics offer a very effective tool for getting children to read, discuss stories and as a result make friends. Comics are a medium similar to how books, television and movies tackle a multitude of subjects.

For example, superhero comics are generally the most popular, but they are not the only graphic novels on the market. One can find original comics that tell complex narratives just like novels do. Other popular types of graphic novels are autobiographical, which tell the story of particular individuals such as historical figures, celebrities or even politicians.

If our campaign is successful, we want to add these types of comics to the collection of already popular graphic novels at the Junior’s Library at the Central Public Library. This section is so popular amongst library patrons that the shelves are nearly always empty because the comics keep being borrowed.

For this reason we believe that this campaign is extremely important. We’d greatly appreciate any donations you’d make to help this cause. Even the smallest donation can make a difference.

Please spread the word and share with others. Every little bit of support counts towards giving children the space to develop!
Thank you for your cooperation and help.

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