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Let’s double down about the open door policy for children, school parties and families to visit our Aquaponic microfarms and learn about active sustainability

Our partners from the Xara Collection, including the Michelin star de Mondion restaurant in Mdina, have doubled down on the importance of our open-door policy to any family or school party who wants to visit our microfarms. Come and learn how we make pure, natural food in a completely sustainable way.

Our first microfarm will be at the Xara lodge and surrounding fields. We will notify education departments and families when our systems are operating and ready to visit. You will see the fish, plants and insects, and learn about how they, together with our hard working wriggler and Earthworms are helping to produce the most sustainable food in the world, here in Malta.

Together we can set examples how to take care of our home planet, by producing our food in a way that cuts down food-miles and keeps all the carbon and green house gasses in our food-chain and out of our atmosphere. We’re doing special things to secure the future for all of us now, and all the generations to come.

Let’s make sure our children and their’s can be proud of everything we are doing now, to keep ourselves and our world healthy with sustainable food.