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The Official Marvel Graphic Novel Collection Vol 1-60 donated to the Public Library



The Official Marvel Graphic Novel Collection Vol 1-60 have been bought and donated to the Public Library by GNLM.

The Official Marvel Graphic Novel Collection (also referred to as The Ultimate Graphic Novels Collection) is a fortnightly partwork magazine published by Hachette Partworks. The series is a collection of special edition hardback graphic novel, collecting all the parts in a story-arc for one of Marvel’s best known superheroes, often a fan-favourite or “important” story from Marvel comics lore.

Here is a list of all the titles in this collection:

  1. Iron Man: Demon in a Bottle
  2. Uncanny X-Men: Dark Phoenix
  3. Captain Britain: A Crooked World
  4. Wolverine: Wolverine
  5. Thor: The Last Viking
  6. Marvel Super Heroes: Secret Wars (Part 1)
  7. Marvel Super Heroes: Secret Wars (Part 2)
  8. Daredevil: Born Again
  9. The Amazing Spider-Man: Birth of Venom
  10. The Amazing Spider-Man: Kraven’s Last Hunt
  11. The Incredible Hulk: Silent Screams
  12. Wolverine: Weapon X
  13. Marvels
  14. Avengers: Forever (Part 1)
  15. Avengers: Forever (Part 2)
  16. The Mighty Thor: In Search of the Gods
  17. Daredevil: Guardian Devil
  18. Punisher: Welcome Back Frank (Part 1)
  19. Punisher: Welcome Back Frank (Part 2)
  20. Ultimate Spider-Man: Power and Responsibility
  21. The Amazing Spider-Man: Coming Home
  22. The Amazing Spider-Man: Revelations & Until the Stars Turn Cold
  23. New X-Men: E is for Extinction
  24. New X-Men: Imperial
  25. Spider-Man: Blue
  26. Wolverine: Origin
  27. Captain America: The New Deal
  28. The Ultimates: Super-Human
  29. The Ultimates: Homeland Security
  30. Fantastic Four: Unthinkable
  31. Fantastic Four: Authoritative Action
  32. 1602
  33. Secret War
  34. Avengers: Disassembled
  35. She-Hulk: Single Green Female
  36. Astonishing X-Men: Gifted
  37. Astonishing X-Men: Dangerous
  38. Black Panther: Who Is The Black Panther
  39. Ghost Rider: Road To Damnation
  40. House of M
  41. Son of M
  42. New Avengers: Break Out
  43. Iron Man: Extremis
  44. Captain America: Winter Soldier
  45. The Incredible Hulk: Planet Hulk (Part 1)
  46. The Incredible Hulk: Planet Hulk (Part 2)
  47. Fantastic Four: The End
  48. Marvel Zombies
  49. Doctor Strange: The Oath
  50. Civil War
  51. Fallen Son: Death of Captain America
  52. Thor: Reborn
  53. Eternals
  54. Captain America: The Chosen
  55. World War Hulk
  56. Thunderbolts: Faith In Monsters
  57. Wolverine: Old Man Logan
  58. Secret Invasion
  59. Captain Britain and MI13: Vampire State
  60. Siege

We have nearly reach our goal, thanks for everyone who contributed to this campaign. Please keep sharing so we can reach our final goal.

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