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Update on Andrea’s operation

There has been some updates on Andrea’s operation in Thailand.  We got to know that the hospital in Thailand is not backed up by the World Health Organisation.  This has put Andrea’s situation in greater risk as if something would have happened whilst in Thailand we would have had problems in getting him back to Europe.  The good news however is that we found out that a similar operation has been done recently in Milan.  Antonio, Andrea;s father has flew to Milan and met the surgeon himself.  The surgeon would gladly do the operation however we have to wait for clearance of both the WHO as well as the EU.  At this stage we do not have any date on such clearance so Andrea will be soon moving back to Malta to continue on his rehabilitation here surrounded by the family.  During the past weeks, Andrea has passed through a turbulent times both psychologically , emotionally and physically with the cherry on the cake being that he got COVID so he had to stay confined into a room by himself for 10 days!  However we all know that Andrea is a hero and he came out of this stronger then ever and he is now more determined then ever!  He has to wait for the clearance to undergo the operation but he know that ultimately it is for his own good!  WE as a family, and moreover Andrea would like to thank the Maltese population for the continued support given !  We will keep you updated accordingly.