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A Nationwide Initiative to improve the world we live in!

Action Planet Community January 24, 2018 at 12:54 pm
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Project Description

Action Planet is a nationwide project that unites people from all walks of life to look at how their daily lifestyle choices are impacting Malta and the world. We take a solution focussed approach, encouraging people to make simple yet profound changes that will greatly improve our environment, health and wellbeing.

Action Planet brings together schools, outreach organisations, the University of Malta, MCAST, NGOs, organisations, artists and government ministries in one project. Through research projects, education initiatives,  speaker events, think tanks and focus groups change is happening!

The money raised through the Zaar crowdfunding campaign helps to pay for the student-led exhibition at St James Cavalier in Valletta. Students from schools, MCAST, the University of Malta, Inspire and the Malta Sound Women Network have worked alongside artists and  NGOs  to create photographs, media projects, apps, art installations, and journalism reports. They have researched issues impacting Malta’s sustainability with the intention of finding creative ways to highlight potential solutions. The exhibition forms part of the Spazju Kreattiv Season programme and is endorsed by the Valletta 2018 Foundation. The project is supported by the Ministry of Education and Employment, the Ministry of Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change, and the Energy and Water Agency. It is sponsored by Turkish Airlines.

Alongside the exhibition are school workshops led by Wasteserv and Esplora; Kopin and SOS Malta. There are also family workshops and speaker events which are open to the public. These are listed on

Please help support this important initiative which was designed to improve all of our lives!

Project Founder
Fiona Hornstein

Project Manager
Gayle Murphy

Exhibition Curator
Kristina Borg


Jeni Caruana
Nunzia Martiello
Matthew Cilia
Francesco Darmanin
Gozo Mosaics

Film Maker
Mazen Malas


Spazju Kreattiv at St James Cavalier
Ministry of Education and Employment
Energy and Water Agency
The Valletta 2018 Foundation – European City of Culture
Global Green Events
Brave Media Ltd
Griffiths and Associates
MCAST – The Institute for the Creative Arts
University of Malta
Nature Trust – FEE Malta (Foundation for Environmental Education)
YRE (Young Reporters for the Environment)
Get Trashed
Malta Sound Women’s Network
SOS Malta
Turkish Airlines
Home Economists in Action (HEiA)
Malta National Aquarium
BirdLife Malta
Colours of Freedom

and more….

Stretch Goals


Action Planet Publication 6,500.00

It will feature all of the students' work from the exhibition and information about the NGOs and organisations that supported it. It will go out to schools, NGOs, University of Malta, MCAST and will be available as a digital download.

Action Planet Documentary 8,500.00

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