The world ends when a mother dies. A story about living on.

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Project Description

Nothing is as strong as the love between a mother and her child. When her mother dies, Alicia doesn’t know how to live her life anymore. She is just a little girl, all alone in a big, scary world!
Alicia is alone, lost in a forest full of voices and presences. Moments from her life and her past appear around her, engage her, scare her. As she tries to find her way through this confusing world, she falls and hits her head.
When she wakes up, she finds herself in a cabin, where she meets a man named Pam. Pam has a collection of children’s shoes, he talks funnily and he seems to know a lot about Alicia. She doesn’t know where to go or what to think. Is Pam dangerous, or is he just as lost and lonely as her? Is he going to harm her, or can he help her find her way back  to life?

Inspired by films such as “Pan’s Labyrinth” or “The Fall“, we will take you to an enchanted forest, where anything could happen. Take a deep breath and follow us into the world of “Alicia”

This is a story which makes us consider our own hidden sadness and the everyday struggles of our individual human experience. We might not have seen our own mother die, but we all hide some sad stories that the rest of the world can’t see. “Alicia” is a story about letting go of what holds us back.

This story is brought to you by the makers of “Friend or Foe”.

We are a core team of film makers who seek to express our creativity and love for film. We don’t make films in order to make money or to promote ourselves, we make films in order to share our passion, to speak from the heart and to touch and move the audiences out there. Our films speak of the things we often are to shy to speak about in words. Our films speak of the things that you don’t dare to mention, because you are not sure anybody would understand. Our films reach out to you, so that one day we might all find the courage to speak from the soul.

Meet the core team
Anthony – The writer.
When I have an idea for a film, I feel so passionate about it, that I can’t find any rest until I turned it into a screenplay.
Shirley – The director.
When I read a good script, it is as if I am already watching the film in my head. I want to make this film, so that everybody can watch it.
Stanley – The DOP.
There is beauty in everything we see. When I’m behind the camera, all I want is to capture the scene and make it as inspiring as I see it myself.
Frederike – The producer.
Making a film is like going on a great adventure. So many people come together and contribute their talents to one shared vision.

You love films, but cannot donate? There are many ways to help! You can share this page and encourage your friends to donate. You can also drop us a line to see if you can offer a helping hand on set. Even if you don’t know a lot about how a film is made, we always need people who can drive, help with carrying, setting up, moving things around, keeping everything organised, cleaning up, etc.
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