The NEWER & BIGGER Dar Bjorn

Raising funds to open a Newer & Bigger Dar Bjorn for patients with neurological conditions

ALS MALTA Community May 7, 2018 at 9:59 am
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Project Description


The ALS Malta Foundation was set up in August 2015 to raise Awareness and offer support to ALS and MND sufferers on the island of Malta. The foundation has established itself as a community to give support and palliative care & help research.

Why are we raising funds?

The planning phase has begun, and Malta’s Neuro Community Home is taking shape. Join us during the month of May for the Beat IT May Awareness Month en route to the Xarabank TV Fundraiser in October!

ALS Malta began its journey towards improving the lives of patients with neurological conditions 2 years ago.

  • We have organised 101 fundraising activities over the past couple of years.
  • Over the past two years, we have collected €1.4 million funds in televised donations.
  • We delivered more than €500k in medical equipment to patients
  • We have launched several research projects and a yearly PhD Scholarship
  • We opened the ALS Home, Dar Bjorn in Qormi, and currently host 13 patients
  • We have a waiting list of 20 people
  • We follow another 100 patients in their homes and assist them as much as possible
  • Our services are open to another 1000 patients with ALS, MS, Huntington’s, Parkinsonism and other neurological conditions
  • Having done all this we still have the full €1.4 million in the bank accounts
  • We have done all this with 0 paid employees

What we want to do now:

  • We want to invest the saved €1.4 million public funds into a bigger €3.4 million project
  • We have identified the location for a new, bigger Dar Bjorn, to host more patients
  • With this big project we will assist current national residential neurological patients with a state of the art solution
  • New premises will host more patients, offer respite services and specialised clinics and facilities
  • We need to raise €2 million for this dream to come true

For more information, please visit below

For more information on any of our packages, please call us on 79209420.

More information on the rewards can be found in FAQ.

We thank you in advance for all your help!

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