Rescue Assisi Snehalaya – Maltese Care Centre for children born with HIV/AIDS

Rescuing from collapse the building of a Maltese Care Centre for children born with HIV/AIDS

Mission4changes Community November 23, 2018 at 1:45 pm
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Project Description

Assisi Snehalaya is a care centre for children born with HIV / AIDS in South India. The care centre was built in 2004 and has been operating for more than 12 years. The initial funding came from a man from Gozo – Malta and it was setup by Fr Joe Cini from the Maltese Conventual Franciscans in India.

The building of the care centre is in an advanced state of deterioration mainly due to the adverse climate conditions the monsoon brings with it as well as the lack of know-how on general maintenance.

The roofs of the care centre are estimated to collapse over a period of 2-4 years unless there is rapid intervention. Intervention is limited by the lack of supplies (especially liquid membrane) and the little knowledge in maintenance & repairs.

As part of Phase I, the project encompasses the installation of 5 hot dipped galvanised stainless steal canapes that will go to cover all the roofs of the care centre and protect the roofs from the monsoon for nothing less than 30 years – in which period the locals are to be educated and given the know-how on the application of latex membrane, which material will repair the roofs. Phase I is estimated to have a cost of 38,000 EUR.

In Phase II a group of volunteers, mainly from Malta will be visiting the care centre in India to perform embellishment works to make the environment colourful and joyous considering the sad atmosphere. Also part of the volunteers’ duties will be to perform minor infrastructural works, perform health & safety adjustments and install numerous supplies for the stores, kitchen and other day-to-day facilities. Phase II is estimated to have a cost of 4,000 EUR.

Phase III relates to the filtration of ground water which is currently health hazardous and the harvesting of rainwater for irrigation purposes. Phase III is estimated to have a cost of 9,000 EUR.

Phase IV relates to the setting up of a treatment room for the patients to be visited in confidence. Currently they are treated in front of the others. Phase IV is estimated to have a cost of 4,000 EUR.

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