The First Ever Autism Handbook in Maltese for Maltese Parents.

Raising Funds to Publish this much needed Guide.

Autism Parents Association Community April 24, 2017 at 5:35 pm
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Project Description

The Project:

On 6th May, 4 brave runners will grit their teeth and complete a gruelling 50 kilometre run, totally off road on dirt tracks in the searing Gozitan sun. They’ll be clocking up a total climb of 1400 metres (that’s like running up the famous Ben Nevis Mountain 1½ times !!).

This is pure endurance and determination and they’re doing it to help Maltese parents cope when they first find out about their child’s autism diagnosis.

The Objective:

Their incredible effort is a catalyst to make the first ever Maltese written guide a reality, helping parents during an extremely confusing and distressing period. We need to raise 5000 Euros to make this happen. Please, please support these incredible runners and help us achieve a first for autism support in Malta.

This 120 page book will provide Maltese parents of newly diagnosed children with an overview of autism, guidance on how to cope in the early years and the services offered locally.

What Autism Parents Association need:

  • Translation of text into Maltese – Euro 2500
  • Design and layout of the handbook – Euro 1700
  • Printing 100 copies – Euro 800

Any translation, layout or printing costs saved will go towards printing more copies of the book.

If the goal of Euro 5,000 is achieved  surplus funds will be spent on the next guide “Autism: A Guide for Mainstream Primary Schools” in Maltese and English

If we raise even more money we will produce “A Guide for Those Who Support Adults Following a Diagnosis” in English and Maltese

Our Testimonials:

“It’s hard to describe, but the helplessness you experience when you discover your child has autism is truly disorientating. A simple guide like this would have been incredibly valuable for Julian and I during those early years.”


“15 years ago, when we were going through those confusing thoughts like ‘where shall we start?’, little to no help was available and a handbook like this would have been a gift from heaven.”


“How I wish I had a guide book available when I got my son’s diagnosis. It would have made the world of difference to have a simple guide. Well done for the initiative”

Our Sponsors:

We would like to give a big thank you to our sponsors whom have helped us along the way:

Team Sport

Vibe FM


Mayhem Design & Branding


Stretch Goals


Primary School Guide 8,600.00

'Autism: A Guide for Mainstream Primary Schools' will be written in both Maltese and English'.
Another first for Malta, this book with guide teachers and learning support assistants on how to teach children on the autism spectrum. This book will explain how a child with autism learns, communicates and behaves. The guide will show how to adapt the environment, the ways of teaching how to set tasks appropriate for the autistic mind,

Guide for Adults 12,200.00

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