Blooming Minds Project

Our aim is to enhance mental well-being and inspire people to protect our environment.

Blooming Minds Community October 10, 2019 at 9:00 am
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Project Description

We all think that mental health problems won’t affect us and our family, but research shows that mental health disorders affect 1 out of 4 people at some point during their lifetime (1).

Cities are associated with higher rates of mental health problems compared to rural areas; an almost 40% higher risk of depression, over 20% more anxiety, and double the risk of schizophrenia, in addition to more loneliness, isolation and stress (1). But here in Malta, 96.2% of the population live in urban areas and most do not have access to natural sites. Studies show that nature is a powerful tool to improve mental state and heal from stress.

Nowadays at least 8% of Malta’s residents face psychiatric disorders –  that is over 22 000 people. We want to see this change so more people can live a happier and healthier life. 

In 2018, we created Malta’s first ecotherapy programme in collaboration with the Richmond Foundation – Blooming Minds.

Using our respective areas of expertise in mental health and environmental education, we developed an engaging and inclusive programme of outdoor sessions that work to improve people’s mental health, as well as foster an appreciation for nature. We run specialist sessions in nature art, gardening, hands-on conservation work, and even yoga in the great outdoors. In this supportive environment people can really improve their well-being by boosting social connections, building confidence and independence, learning new skills, and enjoying the calming effect of being in green spaces.

Thanks to €17,000 in funding from the Social Impact Awards, we were able to make this project a reality and begin delivering our first sessions in 2019, seeing some amazing results.

After just 90 minutes of an ecotherapy session with Richmond Foundation service users we got very encouraging feedback with decreased feelings of nervousness and an increase in feeling happy and comfortable.

But we need your help! The initial support from the Social Impact Awards has enabled us to start the project. However, with funding coming to an end in December 2019 we now need you to help us raise €5,000 to continue and grow this life-changing project so more people can benefit!

You can make a difference to the lives of others living with mental health problems in Malta!

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