COLLAPSE is an original play written by Unifaun Theatre Productions artists together with their colleagues from California.

Unifaun Theatre Productions Culture May 5, 2016 at 3:28 pm
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Project Description

COLLAPSE is a multi-discipline artistic project planned by leading Maltese company Unifaun Theatre Productions for February 2018 at St James Cavalier’s Spazju Kreattiv.  The project is the result of years of collaboration between local artists and their colleagues from California.

Playwright Adrian Buckle (also Artistic Director of Unifaun) has penned an exciting, original script with input from California Director Dave Barton and some of his best actors.

The project also involves local artist Anthony Catania, who will be joining long-term Unifaun Scenic Designer Romualdo Moretti, to design the play.  Mr Catania has also been invited to exhibit some of his newest paintings in the St James Cavalier Atrium, inspired by the myths and folk tales referred to in the play.

COLLAPSE is set in a dystopian future under siege. The streets are chaotic and violent, with armed soldiers raping and killing at whim. A young woman named Greta, lives together with her damaged boyfriend Robbie.  Robbie is not allowed outside for the sake of his safety. The lovers have created a bullet-proof bubble around themselves, full of stories and fairy tales, oblivious to the trouble outside . . . until Stella comes to visit.  Then Greta and Robbie’s world is turned upside down.

The play will be directed by Dave Barton, featuring U.S. actors, who will work in Malta with Unifaun artists during February 2018.  The project promises an engaging script that can be performed to a Maltese audience, and then be exported to foreign theatres, whilst getting all the artists involved paid for their work.

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