Combatting Ageism – Community Theatre with Senior Women

Six female senior citizens tell their stories through theatre - a documentary of the making of a collective socially engaged theatre production

Isabelle Culture February 11, 2022 at 12:57 pm
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Project Description

  • A Socially Engaged Theatre  Project – A documentary about Community theatre with Senior Citizens

In March 2021, six women attending an Active Ageing Centre in a village in Malta accepted an invitation to work with a professional creative team to create and perform a collective theatre production. The lockdown disrupted the original plans, rehearsals were put on hold and when these resumed and the theatre performance was due, live performances were not allowed. The only solution was to film the production to be screened. A solution that used up all the budget for this project. We are now looking to fund a documentary that captures the process of the performance creation and the resilience, enthusiasm and joie de vivre of these six women as they worked at co-creating this production with a team of professions. The performance was recorded in a TV studio and has been screened in the Active Ageing Centres round Malta. The documentary of the making of a collective socially engaged theatre. production will include clips of the process and the actual performance as well as interviews with the six women and members of the artistic team. Length of documentary is 10 minutes.  The documentary will be featuring in various arts engaged international exhibitions and festivals.


  • The Crowdfund

 The Covid-19 restrictions and the changes that had to consequently be done for the community theatre project, including the costs of filming the performance over three days instead of a one hour live performance meant all the budget we had for this project was exhausted. While this means that a theatre event, ephemeral by its very nature, is now recorded and has already been viewed by hundreds of Active Ageing members, and will be also possible to be viewed by many others once it is placed online,  we believe it is important to also document the process of co-creating with seniors and listening to what they have to say about such an experience. The documentary aims to do just that. The main reason of this crowd fund is to cover the expenses of the filming of interviews, the editing of previous footage and the final postproduction to come up with a documentary to record the process and thus share the methodology used with other community workers.

  • Thank You for supporting us – Reward

As a thank you for your generous contributions we are offering to meet you on Zoom on the 1st April 2022  at 6pm (CET). For those who donate €20 (level 1) we are screening the entire community theatre performance entitled F’Ħakka T’Għajn (50 mins) in Maltese. For those who donate €50 (level 2) we are offering the first level reward, followed by the screening of the project documentary on the same day at 7:30 pm (CET).

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you all so much for contributing in such socially engaged artistic funds, with your loyal support you are supporting both the artists and the diverse marginalised communities. Thanks so much and please donate.        

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