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New machinery and upgrading of my working space, making it easier to work bespoke memorial and 925 silver jewellery

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Project Description

Welcome to Dazzled Collections

A short history of how it all started…

I’ve harboured a lifelong dream of working with silver. When I was young I used to wrap silver-looking wire and create jewelry with it, wrapping it around stones, or creating small bracelets. Time passed and by the time I was 16 I stood at a crossroad, deciding between the School of Art and Junior College. After lengthy discussions with my parents I chose to attend Junior College, since having a career in art was quite limited at that time. Although I cherish every moment of my learning journey, the desire to explore silver-smithing always lingered at the back of my mind.

While I initially experimented with various materials like wood, felt, and polymer clay, the wish to delve into silversmithing and its intricate techniques remained strong. I began my journey, initially self-taught through videos and tutorials. Eventually, I had the opportunity to study under the guidance of master artisan Gaetano Saliba, alongside his assistant Maja. Here I embarked on a filigree-making course, further fueling my passion for the craft. I am currently taking another course to gain further input on silversmithing techniques.

Watch my video above to listen to my story.

The issues facing the craft

I came across a few issues that Malta is facing with regard to the art of crafting silver and filigree:

  1. The art of traditional filigree and silver smithing is slowly dying: Regrettably, only a handful of individuals are preserving the traditional art of crafting jewelry. I’ve dedicated myself to creating pieces that are both distinctive and customized. Additionally, I specialize in crafting memorial jewelry designed to encapsulate precious memories. I’ve honed my skills in inlaying various materials such as ashes, hair, sand, and breastmilk over the years.
  2. The majority of filigree available on the market is imported, which poses pricing challenges for artisans. Imported items typically come with lower price tags. That’s why I’ve chosen to focus on crafting bespoke pieces. By doing so, I try to not only preserve tradition but also ensure that my clients purchase something unique, locally crafted and including traditional elements.

With the birth of Dazzled Collections, I embarked on a journey as the first in my family to pursue this line of work. Initially, I lacked the necessary equipment and tools, prompting me to gradually acquire them over time; however, there are still some expensive tools beyond my current reach, hence my need to seek your support. Starting a new business presents its challenges, and asking for help is no exception. Yet, embracing new opportunities also means embracing new learning curves.

In the video you can get a glimpse of my small workshop.  It is quite limited but full of dreams and hopes. My wish is to improve on all aspects of the business which in turn would be beneficial for customers. This is why I am reaching out.

Why Crowdfund?

The €3000 will be used to purchase:

  • a proper silversmithing bench – these benches are made purposefully for silversmithing and would make it easier for me to craft items.
  • Equipment to melt, clean, polish and plate crafted items.

The aim is to have these funds that would help me give that required input to my workshop. I am currently working with three other artisans locally and we have a small shop where we can showcase our items. The name of the shop is ‘l-artigjana’  located in Rabat. These funds would help me with crafting items at a faster pace and therefore be able to serve clients in the best way possible!

Help me make my dream come true, and craft traditional as well as memorial jewellery!

Pledge today and choose your reward!

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