Dear Pete

Join Pete as he learns to face some of the toughest struggles in life! This enchanting piece of children's theatre is back by popular demand.

Studio 18 Culture September 15, 2017 at 11:00 am
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Project Description

Little Pete and his unique pet Splint live a simple life with a standard daily routine. One day, a storm erupts and an unexpected visitor finds his way to Pete’s doorstep. This meeting is only the beginning of what fast becomes a special friendship and adventure – an adventure forged by the many stories sent to Pete by his extraordinary mother!

Background of the Production

Recommended for children aged 6-10, Dear Pete is a theatre production devised by members of Studio 18’s Creative Lab, which embarks on a journey to explore how children handle grief and loss. Studio 18 brought educational psychologist Ian Azzopardi Meli on board for consultation on how children perceive the loss of a loved one, and worked with him to design the play in a way that truly depicts how they process the several stages of grief. In his words:

“Dear Pete presents a situation wherein a 10-year old boy is going through a series of losses in life and – using childhood’s creative potential – he is finding a diversity of ways through which he can cope. Dear Pete depicts, in a very subtle way, how children go through bereavement; the fact that there is a production that deals with bereavement, whereas it is usually avoided – especially in children – is to be appreciated and valued.”

“Studio 18 uses a colourful way to depict and explore how children perceive such a dark time.”
~ Ian Azzopardi Meli, Educational Psychologist

What’s so special about this production?

There are psychoeducational benefits in this production because both adults as well as children can familiarise themselves with how children perceive and thus cope with this notion. Pete is no singular model for all children but a mere example of how children can cope with grief. It shows how children can be resilient and creative in tough times; we often underestimate their socioemotional abilities. Dear Pete can springboard discussion on attachment issues, socioemotional behavioural difficulties, and other such problems that children who are faced by traumas suffer. The production is beneficial for children, parents, teachers and other adults who work with children, since it is enlightening to all.

How am I helping?

Every piece of set, the colour palette, script-writing, and dramatic representation was devised hand-in-hand with Ian to ensure that the sensitivity of the piece raises awareness and answers questions which we may be difficult to answer.

This means that to truly bring out the effectiveness of the piece, and reach the hearts of the audience, attention to artistic detail and heightened special effects would need to be employed. You will be contributing to things like:

  • Set design and construction
  • Lighting and Sound design
  • Music composition and performance
  • Costumes
  • Employing professionals to assist in the devising process and performances.

These are basic elements of a show, yet are all features which cost money. This is where your generous help would be immeasurable – but is now quite literally very visible in numbers. Every donation contributes to the quality and effective beauty of the piece, so give whatever you can; naturally, the more you give, the more detail can be put in the performance (and the bigger the thank you!)

Remember, this is less about us, and more (if not all) about educating children, and adults alike, about how to go about such a delicate yet pertinent issue as grief in childhood. Thank you for your help!

[A snapshot of what the rehearsals of Dear Pete look like.]

I recommend this play because it is informative, creative and is a platform for discussions and dialogue on how one can help children and young individuals who have experienced episodes of loss.” ~ Ian Azzopardi Meli, Educational Psychologist

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