A collection of DIY activities aimed to act as a hands-on learning experience for children over the age of 8.

Shard Business March 10, 2021 at 5:15 pm
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Project Description

The Issue:

We have noticed the growing concern that children are spending too much time on electronics especially due to the current circumstances. As children are having more time at home, they are allocating more time to using electronic devices, overdoing physical activity. This may be the case due to; lack of space, limited activities due to a small household and even the possibility that the imagination that all kids have and that we are so fond of, might be slowly fading away, since technology gives them the opportunity of not requiring it.

The Proposed Solution:

DIY Buddy is a product designed by Shard, with the help of our community. DIY Buddy is a hands-on learning experience for children having the chance to explore the construction of simple engineering, arts and crafts and the expansion of their imagination which could encourage children to think less like the average person, and more like an engineer which will definitely help if your child is interested to take on that path. DIY Buddy is a collection of DIY activities for children aged 8 years and over. In this way, parents can give children a fun and educational break from electronic devices while also encouraging creativity, as well as even understanding phenomena that happens very often around us that we do not notice.

Such kits include the “HydrauliX Collection ” This consists of the “Hydro-Bot ?” as well as the “2 in 1 Hydro-Mech Bridge ?”  

This collection gives children the chance to explore the use of technical and mechanical devices and how it is applied. This kit uses several plastic syringes which act as the hydraulic  pistons. These are then connected by a thin flexible tube. In these kits, one can find the supplies needed to build a hydraulic bridge and a mechanical bridge as well as a full-on hydraulic arm for any young scientist.
We have thus developed a product that is:

✅   Educational

✅   Recreational

✅   Will encourage children to move away from their screens

✅   A hands-on learning experience for children

✅   Can be bought in different models

✅   Encourages the gain of interest in science and engineering

✅   Encourages teamwork when two or more children are constructing the activity together

✅   A family-friendly product that you and your child/ren can build together which serves as a            bonding experience

✅   Safe

✅   100% eco-friendly

✅   Economical

✅   Mess free

✅  Glue free

In this kit, one can find the supplies needed to build a hydraulic bridge and mechanical bridge in the “2 in 1 Hydro-Mech Bridge ?”. Similarly, one can assemble a hydraulic arm using the “Hydro-Bot ?” The construction of these activities can be seen in diagrams below.

Hydro-Bot ?

The hydraulic robotic arm may be seen having; a base at the bottom which can rotate 360 degrees in the horizontal. Upon this, the arm can be mounted. This includes the constructions of several syringes together to form this arm. At the tip of the arm, the claw will be placed having the formation as displayed by the diagram of the front view of the arm. The claw can rotate vertically using a string and elastic system. Such a setup gives the arm plenty of moveability and fun.

The dimensions for the product are that of 20cm by 20 cm for the base, and 35 cm in height. These numbers are variable, since the arm can be extended in both the horizontal and vertical axis.

2 in 1 Hydro-Mech Bridge ? 

When it comes to the “2 in 1 Hydro-Mech Bridge ?” the kit offers children a drawbridge system. This includes a 2 in 1 package where children explore both a mechanical system and a hydraulic system. One side of the bridge will utilize a hydraulic system while the other a mechanical. This way, children can explore on this and compare the two different systems, allowing them to understand how a problem can be tackled in multiple ways, with multiple solutions.

Similarly, to the Hydro-Bot, the hydraulic system utilizes plastic syringes and plastic tubing. On the other hand, the mechanical system consists of a pair of strings and a shaft system to allows traditional lifting and lowering of the drawbridge.

The dimensions for this product are that of 50cm in length, 25cm in width as well as 25cm in height.

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