Feel the Soul of the Sea

Eco Marine Malta aims to develop a sustainable form of tourism. Our marine biologists will share with you the opportunity to encounter cetaceans, turtles and seabirds in their natural habitat.

Eco Marine Malta Business April 14, 2018 at 9:00 am
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Project Description

We want to offer a new Eco-friendly experience respectful of nature and useful to learn how to protect our Ocean and our Planet Heart.


Ecomarine Malta was born in 2016 when Patrizia Patti, the founder, decided to bring her Italian experience here with the aim to create the first sustainable dolphin and whale watching enterprise in Malta, taking up the challenge to merge public awareness with research.

Our project is something different and new, I’m a marine biologist, and I would like to spread my knowledge with as many people as possible, I believe the experience, both for young and adults, is the first step towards awareness for conservation and protection of the environment.
We decided to carry out our message with a boat, a small boat because is possible to offer sustainable boat trip to let people discover the sea with a fantastic and unique experience.
Our tours are “education-based”. When people come on our boat is like going in “blue classroom” where is possible to learn something new with fun, relax and discover the beauty of nature and the fantastic Maltese Island landscapes.

We offer a unique experience in close contact with the sea and marine life. We follow an international Code of conduct to approach the animals, thus minimising our impact, respecting nature and the ecosystem.

Give yourselves a unique gift, an exclusive and unforgettable experience shared with all your family, your friends or those you love. Discover a day of adventure and relaxation, in the wonderful Maltese waters. Read more in FAQ section.


Our tours are designed for small groups of people and our guest will take part in the search and observation of marine life. Our target is to create an eco-boat tour with eco-friendly tours so that our customers will  enhance their education on marine environment.
Such experiences will also leave an emotional impact, especially if there are encounters with dolphins or swimming 12 miles from the coast where the water is 1000 metres deep.


This program can also be introduced in schools and serves as a hands-on project by providing a link between the classroom and the open sea. The marine life spotting segment within marine tourism is not yet developed. The boat we use has a maximum capacity of 12 people and it is transformed into a floating classroom where tourists are given information on the biology, ecology and ethology of species present
in the Maltese waters. We also intend to create a network with other ecology and conservation organisations to provide a unique, comprehensive and shared service that can be provided throughout the year.


We aim to collect scientific data, during the tour, on specific indicators to share with universities and research institutions at both local and international level. 


We will also offer a range of eco-friendly ancillary services: cruises for photographers, filmmakers and birdwatchers, freediving and snorkelling sessions for both adults and children. Aperitifs using typical local products with a sunset background will complete the whole picture. Our team is prepared, experienced and passionate. Our mission is to educate and to be educated by this experience on board and let you become aware of the beauty and the importance of the environment and the marine world.


Safety first! 5K

For us, the most important thing on a boat is the safety of the people having a fun or research day. So with the first goal we want to buy all the safety equipment necessary for a commercial boat, not only life jacket but also VHF, Echosounder, Liferaft. Epirb, and so on.

Technology and research 2,5K 

If we reach the first significant goal, we would like to buy a drone (Splash Drone 3 Swellpro ) to help us spotting animals, taking footage and picture used to collect scientific data and to give our guest some fantastic view of the day. We choose the waterproof drone so it can land on the water avoiding every risk for people onboard.

Environmental education 3.0 K 

We would like to buy binoculars and snorkelling gear for all the guest. We need equipment and tools for our activity of Environmental Education in school and free events for Communities.  We want to design a personalised pen drive (With a stunning natural hardwood shell made from FSC® certified European Maple Wood,) for students and teachers with informative content about Marine life, Marine ecosystem, Marine Litter and Plastic pollution in Malta and Mediterranean sea. Make educational panel, leaflets and brochure. We aspire to buy marine science-related books to have our “Marine science library” to share with tourists, students, teachers and so on.

The Big dream 5k 

We have a big dream, a towed hydrophone. Hydrophones are just like microphones, designed to detect sounds and vibrations in fluids. In water they are used to detect acoustic signals and vibrations or sounds. Towed hydrophone are usually made of more than one sensor, in order to receive information about the direction from where a signal arrives. Why we need a Towed hydrophone? Cetacean produce sounds during their underwater activities. Some species dive for a prolonged period (45 min -2 hours) and the best way to spot them is following acoustically. The Hydrophone would allow us to locate Sperm Whales and listen other species chatting during the sight. So this is why we would like to achieve this significant goal.


Pdf certificate and printable picture will be delivered by E-mail

We would appreciate to meet you and give personally yuor printed picture and reusable bottle.

We can send them by post with the addition of postal charges

Stretch Goals


Technology & Research 7,500.00

We would like to buy a drone (Splash Drone 3 Swellpro ) to help us spotting animals, taking footage and picture used to collect scientific data and to give our guest some fantastic view of the day. We choose the waterproof drone so it can land on the water avoiding every risk for people onboard.

Environmental Education 10,500.00

The Big Dream 15,500.00

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