Empowering the future, one solar panel investment at a time through GreenView Energy!

GreenView Energy is a start-up that wants to change the way people invest sustainably. Our research has shown that more people want to find greener ways to invest, but are uncertain about the current tools to do so. We have a solution!

Matteo Business July 1, 2023 at 7:00 am
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Project Description

We are the GreenView Energy Team! Our names are Matteo, Lucas, Andrea, and McKalee. We are four young entrepreneurs between the ages of 23 and 27, and we are very passionate about sustainability, renewable energy, and our planet.

One day, we were talking about solar panels and the current problems with getting them. One of our families was looking into investing in solar panels, but there was a big problem, the initial investment was huge, and the family couldn’t afford it. We then discovered that another team member would love to own solar panels and use green energy, but because they live in a small apartment in the city, they had no roof of their own to install them on. We were clearly faced with some market inefficiencies, so we decided to try and find a solution. This is how GreenView Energy was born.

But what do we do?

We are an online platform that crowdsources green investments from people around the world. The entirety of the investments go directly into the creation of solar systems in Italy. Anyone can invest any amount they want to support the building of a solar system.

The more you invest, the more solar panels your digital system will have, and the more green energy you will produce. By producing green energy, you can also start to offset your carbon footprint.

GreenView Energy uses these funds to install free solar panels on the roofs of small-medium enterprises in sunny Italy and in exchange they pay us a fee on the energy that they consume from the solar system. But don’t worry, this fee is also very advantageous for them. It’s a win-win. These companies will manage to save thousands on their energy bills and also consume more green energy. By investing through our platform, you will also be helping struggling businesses that have been hit by the current increase in energy costs following the pandemic and the war between Russia and Ukraine.

We are looking for financial aid in order to pay for the final steps in the creation of our business. Legal, administrative, and bureaucratic fees are very high, and although we have invested a lot of our time and money in this project, we are young and need your help to bring our idea to fruition.

One last thing. We want to prove to you that our commitment to the environment is real. As a company, we are also focused on eliminating all our negative externalities. To do this, we have partnered with Tree-Nation to offset our carbon footprint and run a net-zero website. We are also looking into partnering with “1% For The Planet” and into the recycling of our solar panels (find more about this in our blog: https://mattesaglia.wixsite.com/greenviewenergy/post/are-solar-panels-an-environmental-burden-the-recycling-process-of-solar-panels).

In addition to this, for every €15 donated to us today, we will plant a new company tree and grow our forest.

Learn more about our team and what we do here:

Or go and read our blog to get updated on all the latest news in the renewable energy sector (https://mattesaglia.wixsite.com/greenviewenergy/blog).

If you are still reading, whether you plan to donate or not, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your interest and we hope you can help us empower the future!

All the best,

The GreenView Team

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