Empowerment through Education: National Insect Posters and Postcards for Schools and Students

Help fund our National Insect Poster and Postcard campaign for Schools and Students

Foundation for the Conservation of the Maltese Honey Bee (VO/2403) Community December 12, 2023 at 1:59 pm
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Project Description

Building on the success of our initial crowdfunding campaign, which aimed to promote our Foundation’s initiative to urge the Environmental Resources Authority (ERA) to designate the Maltese Honey Bee as the National Insect of Malta, we seek to elevate this endemic subspecies to a status comparable to other national species, such as the national bird.

The Maltese honey bee, being native to the Maltese islands, is at risk of extinction, holding significant ecological and cultural importance. By securing its recognition as the national insect, our goal is to raise awareness about its crucial role in our ecosystem and advocate for its conservation.

With the funds collected during our first crowdfunding campaign, we have produced A3 posters and A6 postcards to actively promote this initiative. Our intention is to distribute these materials to schools, recognising students as the driving force for change and acknowledging their potential influence on their parents.

Through our initial crowdfunding efforts, we have successfully raised enough funds to support five schools. Each school will receive an A3 poster for every classroom and an A6 postcard for every student. The printing costs for each school amount to approximately €50. This highlights that the more funds we collect, the greater the number of schools we can reach and impact. This is why we are launching this second crowdfunding campaign. Please help us reach more students!

The Foundation for the Conservation of the Maltese Honey Bee is officially registered with the Office of the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations (VO/2403).

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