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Gabe is a "slow fashion" pioneer line that puts quality in the face of quantity despite of the strong dominance of the fast fashion industry.

GABE Business June 3, 2019 at 11:10 am
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Project Description

Gabe’s mission is to encourage people to be genuine and original by enjoying and celebrating their individuality with uniquely designed quality products instead of following the “must have” throw away trends.

The background of the project

This concept was born out of a desire to help reduce the environmental damage caused by the fashion industry. After watching the eye opening documentary called ’The True Cost’, which was a truly shocking experience, it made me consider possible alternatives.

By using quality remnant fabrics discarded by major fashion houses and other companies, we can combine fantastic quality with wonderful designs, so that costumers can enjoy unique products while helping to reduce waste at the same time. By creating and buying more durable products we can all make a huge difference. The less we throw away, the more we help nature to recover from the damage caused by industrial waste, however small the impact of the individual may be.

My story – why this design concept?

In 2009 I started to design bags and accessories primarily as a hobby. I aimed to use environmentally friendly materials where possible, but unfortunately at that time the options were quite limited. As a result, I instead decided to focus on so-called ‘dead stock’ – leather and other textile materials discarded by the fashion industry. These left-over materials are used by major designer houses and are of very high quality. Due to various reasons they are often discarded unnecessarily, usually ending up in landfill sites, despite the fact that even the smallest remnants could be recycled. I use these materials to create uniquely designed and durable products, while also reducing waste.

What’s the purpose and how will it work?

I have created this crowd funding campaign in order to purchase a so-called walking foot-one arm” industrial sewing machine to be able to work with all kinds of materials. In this way I can use even the thickest left over leathers, fabrics and remnants used by the furniture, fashion or any other industry. With the help of this machine I can achieve a much faster production time and providing the highest quality. The wider range of material we recycle the lesser amount of wastage ends up on the fields.

What Impact will this Concept have?

With this movement we are not only helping the environment, but also educate our generation about the alternative possibilities, inspire them and introduce a new ways of thinking. Just because something is recycled it does not mean that it is going to be a boring paper coloured object. On the contrary: it can be a quirky, colourful, wonderfully designed item what stand out of the crowed with it’s unique style. We can create a new “wave” experience in our time and make quality and mindfulness come into fashion. Our example for the future generations is extremely important. We must educate them by good example and teach them to be mindful and caring and inspire them to always look for alternatives.

What will the funds collected cover?

The funds would cover the cost of a walking foot machine:

  • 1500 euro

Accessories and parts for the machine for bag making:

  • 500 euro

Stretch Goals


Materials and Equipment 7,000.00

After purchasing the machine my next goal is to buy the special materials and metal accessories for the fist collection.
Wich will include both textile and leather products.

Small equipment for leather remnants: 3000 euro
– modelling tools
– cutting tools etc..
Sponges and other special material for bag making: 500 euro
Metal accessories: 1500 euro

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