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To support and promote local businesses to both residents and tourists across the Maltese Islands

Go Out Malta.com Business March 28, 2016 at 12:07 pm
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Project Description

GoOutMalta.com is a dynamic forward-thinking company which promotes great places to go out in Malta and Gozo. It showcases local businesses and events via their vibrant and beautifully designed website as well as through their popular Facebook Page and Twitter account. Go Out Malta was launched just over a year ago and, as a new business, has achieved a remarkable standing within the marketplace. With a reach of around 50,000 people/followers online every month, this company has reached their initial objectives. The company is co-owned by Zanna and Marc Mason. Zanna has life-long ties with the Maltese islands; her family have owned property in Malta since the 1960’s and she has spent long periods of time visiting and living here. Marc and Zanna are married and together they set their dream goal – to live and work in Malta full time. Go Out Malta was created out of a passion to be involved with local business communities and to support local trade and talent. ‘We work with a variety of enterprises and are keen supporters of home grown talent. Our main aim was to become completely absorbed  in the local business and community and to be able to give them a great marketing platform to grow and build their businesses.’

Marc and Zanna have put their heart and soul into this business, not to mention a great deal of investment. They have reached out to ZAAR as they now find themselves at a sensitive point whereupon they must increase their brand awareness offline as well as online to both local people and visitors in order to attract more website visitors and in turn paying advertisers. In other words. Go Out Malta makes its money from clients wishing to promote their businesses on their website and through their social media channels. They offer a unique combined marketing package to their advertisers which mixes traditional website banner advertising with published written articles and Facebook/Twitter posts. and shout-outs. A fresh approach for businesses to reach a mix of new clients.

Go Out Malta.com aims to be the best in its class. Susanna and Marc’s ultimate mission is to have a thriving local business which will eventually employ content writers, designers, salespeople and administrators. ‘Simply we need investment to drive us to the next level. We are a very credible business and have come a long way in such a short time – but we find ourselves parked at a crossroads! We need to grow and that requires reaching out into print publications and ambient marketing – just something our business cannot afford to do.’ Marc continues ‘We are determined to reach our dream and ZAAR Crowd-funding presents us with the perfect opportunity to achieve this. We need help to reach new customers. Donations means we can grow our business over the next few years. Without this we are in a ‘fragile’ position. The majority of donations we receive will be spent locally with publishing and promotional companies and used to support local community events, new business and talent. Our donation target is formulated out of all the costs involved with the aforementioned.’

Finally, Go Out Malta can offer a great deal to all different types of businesses in Malta and Gozo. They’re core audience is a mix of affulent residents and visitors to Malta within an average age group of 20 – 45 years old. Susanna and Marc are highly experienced within the digital marketing scene and have put together several reward ideas for potential donators.

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