Hedgehog Road Signs

Nature Trust has already installed over 80 hedgehog caution signs in various Streets in Malta and Gozo mainly were hedgehogs are noted to cross or reported killed by cars. However we have more requests to install more signs in new roads.

Nature Trust - FEE Malta Community March 1, 2018 at 8:42 am
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Project Description

Nature Trust FEE Malta has an active Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation unit active since the late 1990s.  One of the areas that gets most calls is that of injured hedgehogs where rescues can reach over 200 a year.

For the last three years the organisation has been installing Hedgehog caution signs in various streets in Malta and Gozo where Hedgehogs are reported hit by cars.  So far some 80 signs have been installed

Each sign costs approximately €70.00 to get done and installed. We already have around 20 locations pinpointed, where new Hedgehog signs need to be installed etc.. plus other locations we discover during rescue calls where we feel the need for such signs to be made and installed.  We are therefore collecting funds to meet these requests and those that will come in a later stage.

The signs done so far have created the desired awareness.  We however need your help to install more and try to reduce hedgehog road kills or injuries.

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