Help send Ben to the UK!

As part of another RAHM initiative, we are raising funds via Zaar to retire a French ex-racing trotter to his (finally) forever home in the UK.

Rehome A Horse Malta (RAHM) Community January 31, 2022 at 9:29 am
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Project Description

What are we crowdfunding for?

Our current hope is to send Ben, a French ex-racing trotter to his (finally) forever home in the UK. Ben has been rehomed a few times over the years, since being imported from France to start a second racing career on the island. Although we have found him good second and third chances, none of them could commit for personal reasons. This is why we think it’s time Ben gets his big break, one that will give him endless greenery and of course, love!

Will you contribute to is future by funding our campaign?

Who are we and what do we do?

RAHM is an initiative driven by two animal-obsessed friends who started out the first rehoming & overseas-rehoming initiative in Malta, some 7 years ago. Mich and Christina run this cause in between their crazy and hectic family lives and full-time jobs, with Mich juggling mama-hood and entrepreneurship, and Christina her healthcare profession and advanced studies. Of course, both caring for their own rescue horses over and above.

Enough about who we are, though… check out the horses we’ve managed to retire abroad with Zaar’s and your help over the years by searching our Facebook group page @Rehome A Horse Malta | RAHM or visit

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