Help this girl band retrieve what got stolen from them.

A band of female youth musicians told TVM last Sunday they experienced the shock of a lifetime when they discovered that from the garage where they practice, their equipment worth €6,000 had been stolen. The group were left astounded and speechless because all they had been working to achieve has gone up in smoke and consequently they have had to cancel all the forthcoming events they were to be engaged in.

Mellowmoon Culture May 31, 2018 at 5:00 pm
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Project Description

The ‘Cryptic Street’ band made up of four young female musicians are at a total loss after the garage they used in Birkirkara was burgled and all their equipment stolen.

The girls said their group has simply fallen apart because they have lost their amplifiers, their drum kit and their speakers which they had bought by working part-time over and above their university studies.

We would like to advise all our backers that any amount collected will be kept even if the target is not reached as a way to get back on our feet.

Guitarist Equipment:
-X1 Randall amplifier RG100G3 835 euro
-Line 6 M9 439 euro
-Boss OD3 119 reuro
-Digitech DigiTech Whammy 5 Pitch Shift Pedal around 177.65
– Voodoolab ISO5 Pedal Power 159 euro
-Patch Cables
4x Shure SM58 LC 436 euro
Harley Benton SpaceShip 60XL 73 euro
12 jack to jack and xlr cables u different sizes

= minimum 2500 euro

Bassits Equipment :
gallien-krueger backline 600 solid-state basshead W0817B06101761 351
tc electronic bc410 bass cabinet 11397473 529
ampeg scrambler bass overdrive 98
ehx bass big muff pi 87
suitcase style pedalboard – 41
ehx bass balls 76
tc electronic polytune 128
fender speaker cable – 30
zoom pedal power supply 9
rockboard power ace 9v power – 15
2x patch cables – 10
kettle plug – 5
3x instrument cables 48
daisy chain power supply extension (x5) – 3

A total of : 1431

Drummer’s Equipment :

DW PDP Concept Exotic Walnut – 879€
Zildjian ZBT Hi Hats 14” – 133€
Zildjian ZBT crash 16” – 77€
Sabian Xs 20” Ride – 101€
Gibraltar Drum Pedal x2- 130€ + 130€
Vic Firth 7A drum sticks – 9€
3 hardware stands for cymbals -60€
snare stand – 50€

Total of : 1569

Other Equipment :

3x Shure Beta 58 A – 507 euros
4x Cordial CAM 6 BK -51.60 euros
EV ELX 115 Passice full range Speaker – 345 euros

All givings will be treated as a donation, rewards may be announced later on.

Your help could make a difference!

Kindly donate <3

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