Helping teachers in Olasiti, Kajiado, Kenya – A project of Right2Smile

Raising € 2,300 for teachers' salaries attending the school in Olasiti, Kajiado, Kenya

Edward Community May 24, 2022 at 8:00 am
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Project Description

The Olasiti Project that Right 2 Smile (R2S) supports is a community-based project with the aim of giving children access to primary education, food safety, and promoting sustainable community practices and empowerment initiatives.
Over the years, R2S have been able to provide water to different areas of the community, as well as set up a public school and offer training to local youths to become teachers. R2S have also offered training to families within the community to make better use of their land through a specific agricultural programme. The aim is to improve food production in the community, harvest, make the best use of water and work to harvest surplus in order to improve the families’ income.
Through this crowdfunding campaign, we’re looking to raise €2, 300 that would help R2S fund the salary of three teachers attending the school in Olasiti.
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