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Help us get an 8-seater vehicle for pastoral purposes; i.e. to help the development of a socio-educational programme for children and adolescents in Xghajra

Main Community January 31, 2022 at 10:47 am
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Project Description

Below is information related to the socio-educational project ‘Main’ and why we need your support to be able to run this project to its full potential, by raising funds to buy a vehicle that will help us transport the children and adolescents who benefit from this programme.

Main’s Socio-Educational Project

The socio-educational project “Main” is a preventive and educational proposal of the Salesian sisters of Don Bosco. This project offers a series of socio-educational interventions, planned in a gradual and progressive way, according to the Salesian ethos. The program is carried out and evaluated directly, connected with the needs of the children and adolescents, to improve their school performance, and to help them to become an active participant in their community, so that they can feel protagonists of their own history and acquire the necessary social skills to develop their abilities.

Main’s Project Aims

  • To provide a holistic education and development of children and adolescents; especially the most vulnerable, promoting social and cultural inclusion in Maltese society, creating intercultural environments for a peaceful and respectful co-existence, according to the Salesian Ethos.
  • To enable young people to engage in meaningful volunteer experiences in Malta and abroad.

Main’s Project Purposes

  • To promote socio-educational programmes on behalf of vulnerable children and adolescents
  • To develop programs for the social promotion and inclusion in the Maltese society of nationals and migrants.
  • To facilitate the education of children, adolescents and young people who are in social, cultural and economic difficulties, through support learning programmes and initiatives.
  • To develop programmes and initiatives to promote a culture of solidarity, creating intercultural environments that facilitate a peaceful coexistence, in an attitude of respect and mutual appreciation.
  • To promote the protagonism of young people in the world of volunteering, for a greater commitment in the construction of a more active citizenship in favour of justice and peace.
  • To offer the specific training of educators to carry out their educational task according to the pedagogy of the Preventive System.

Qualities of the Salesian non-formal education approach

  • The person as the center of our educational and formation programs by identifying their needs and potential;
  • A gradual process of learning by offering a stable and continuous developmental approach;
  • Commitment and youth participation;
  • Personal and group guidance in their formation and growth;
  • In dialogue with contemporary culture;
  • As an educational community.

Our non-formal education and formation programmes include, amongst others:

  • Holistic formation process of the person
  • Artistic and creative expression
  • Active citizenship
  • The uses of new technologies, for the aim of authentic relationships and critical thinking
  • Language learning, particularly English and Maltese
  • Social Solidarity, international development and volunteering
  • Academic support and career guidance.
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