Hudson Foundation – Morocco Earthquake Donations

Donate & support Hudson employees and those affected by the earthquake in Morocco

Hudson Community September 13, 2023 at 4:13 pm
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Project Description

The Fund will go towards Hudson employees, their relatives, and others impacted by this devastating earthquake. Donations will cover the following:

  • The immediate care of all homeless people following the earthquake, particularly with regard to housing, blankets, as well as all basic needs. Taking care of people in difficult situations, in particular orphans and people in fragile situations.
  • The rehabilitation, support and reconstruction of destroyed houses in areas affected by the earthquake.
  • Expenses relating to encouraging economic actors to immediately resume activities in the areas concerned.
  • The constitution of reserves and stocks of basic needs in each region of the country, in order to face all kinds of disasters.
  • All other expenses related to the management of the effects of the earthquake.
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