Ir-Rock It-Tajjeb – DJ Lito -Tribute Concert CD Compilation, DVD Filming and T-Shirts

Filming of Live Tribute Concert for DJ Lito, to be released as DVD, including CD Complation from diverse bands who will perform on the event, and Event T-Shirt

Ir-Rock It-Tajjeb Committee Culture June 28, 2016 at 4:29 pm
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Project Description

The team behind this initiative includes several music enthusiasts from various genres, each one having been touched by DJ Lito’s passion for the local music scene, which he supported wholeheartedly all of his life. While each person might wish to commemorate Lito in his or her own way, the news of a live tribute concert triggered an overwhelming response from a good number of bands and musicians from a variety of genres, all eager to be part of this special event.

The local music scene will get together for “Ir-Rock It-Tajjeb”, the Official Tribute Concert on Saturday, July 16 at Aria Complex, the event featuring an amazing line-up of local acts who will be performing live. Working hand in hand with the concert organizers, this project has the aim of creating a tangible souvenir of the event, and what better way to do it if not by producing a quality recording of all the performances? With the event’s organizing committee on board, this project proposes to film the concert and record the live audio, which material will then be professionally edited for release on DVD along with a CD compilation featuring a selection of tracks by Maltese bands and artists.

The plan is to also produce an amount of commemorative T-shirts in conjunction with the Ir-Rock It-Tajjeb Festival, which merchandise shall also be printed as part of the campaign. The T-Shirt will be printed on front with the festival artwork and on the back there will be all the logos of each participating band. Further to this, Maltese artist Ivan Filletti has also kindly donated 500 copies of his latest album to the first 500 backers of the crowd-funding campaign. Thank you so much Mr. Filletti!

The primary aim of this campaign is to raise enough funding to film the DVD, which is where the lion’s share of the costs lie. If this target is reached, the event can be filmed to enable the production of the DVD+CD compilation package, for which every effort will be made to release within the shortest time-frame possible without compromising the quality.

A spin-off release party for backers to pick up their rewards is also in the planning, and for those who prefer to receive their rewards by post, such as international backers, shipping expenses will be added onto your original pledge.

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