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immici Microfarms provides healthy foods that are delicious and sustainable

immici Microfarms Business March 12, 2021 at 5:27 pm
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Project Description

This campaign was closed off successfully as part of the communication and promotion of the campaign led to a new partnership with new investments coming in to the project. Thank you all for your support!!.

immici Microfarms will produce herbs, salads, vegetables, fruit and mushrooms along with Tilapia fish. Marine seafoods will also be available soon, including Shrimp, Lobster, Oysters, Clams, Sea Urchin (Uni), Sea Bass and Gilt-head Seabream. As the project matures, the diversity of products will develop. immici produce will be available directly from the Microfarm, from local area agents and from the Ta’ Qali Farmers market.

What makes immici products remarkable is that as well as being grown for exquisite flavour, they are also fully sustainable, eco-friendly and ocean-friendly. They are grown in combined eco-systems using no artificial chemical pesticides or fertilisers. Although within organic farming some chemicals are allowed, immici uses Aquaponics and Multitrophic Culture, including Dualponics, which cannot use any artificial chemicals at all, as these are harmful to fish, animals and beneficial microbiome.

immici will produce its own feed from organic waste that is fed to specialised insects which are a hygienic ingredient mixed with marine algae and other nutrients to form the basis of a healthy and sustainable food chain. Also, because we aim to pick produce only when it is ordered, waste is reduced. This is helped further because if there is any waste from the production or consumption of the products, it can be fed back into the system.

It is part of our mission to reduce food-miles and carbon footprint by supplying through local area agents serving their neighbours, reducing the distance customers need to travel for their orders.

See the FAQ for more information and definitions explaining what we do at immici.

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