Let’s get  Andrea back on his feet

Andrea Calleja (known as Batman) got seriously injured during The Grid (2022) ending up paralyzed in both his arms and legs

Stefania Community November 28, 2022 at 9:14 am
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Project Description

Andrea is the guy who got seriously hurt during The Grid ending up with severe injuries in his neck – https://timesofmalta.com/articles/view/man-seriously-injured-obstacle-race.986312.
He was immediately operated upon, followed by another operation on Thursday 10th November to stabilize his neck further.  The injury is so severe that we do not know whether he will regain mobility in his hands and legs. He is still in ITU as he is still weaning from mechanical ventilation. He would need to go through an extensive and intensive rehabilitation programme with the hope that he can get back to a relatively normal life.

Watch the video above from Andrea’s family.

What will the campaign achieve?
I am Andrea Calleja’s aunt and have launched this campaign as we have been advised by Andrea’s medical team that Andrea needs to go to to specialised rehab centres abroad. Andrea is a damn fighter and is adamant that he receives this treatment.
The treatment and rehab clinics that will give Andrea the chance to walk again don’t come cheap, so we are appealing to the generosity of the public to help us raise the necessary funds to have our Batman walking again.

Why do we call him Batman?

Something about Andrea’s nickname: BATMAN!  Since he was a kid he was always a fan of Batman, and would collect all the toys and figurines of Batman.  Growing up as a fine young lad and purchasing his car, his number plate could not be otherwise, but: BATMAN!

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