Lifecycle Challenge – 2000km in 10 days for Renal Patients

As part of the Lifecycle Foundation's annual fund raising challenge, together with a group of 17 other cyclists and support crew I will be attempting to cycle from Buenos Aires to Santiago de Chile, to raise money to support renal patients in Malta. This is the 22nd Challenge organised by the Lifecycle Foundation, the first time in South America and MY FIRST TIME!

Steve Cassar Community September 16, 2022 at 3:47 pm
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Project Description


WOW!! Just about as I am set to start this challenge in a couple of days time, I have managed to reach my first funding goal with the overwhelming generosity  of all the people who have donated and supported this initiative so far.

As a result and seeing there is still 1 month to go before we close this fundraiser, I am reaching out once again and stretching our funding goal to €10,000.

This amount once added to the collective funds will make a huge positive impact in helping The Lifecycle Foundation reach its global fund raising goals.

So on to the next stretch goal. Let’s keep on pushing to raise the funds, whilst I push hard to complete the challenge.

Finally after 3 years of preparation, cancellations, CoVID travel bans, and last minute cancellations, the challenge will be happening in less than 8 weeks time.

Beyond the 10 days of gruelling mountain climbs, long never ending Pampas roads and aching bones and sore muscles, this challenge and being involved with the Lifecycle Foundation and its work, is turning out to be a real reflective and learning journey for me, far beyond my initial expectations.

So why am I doing this?

“The worst day on the bike is still better than the best day on dialysis”

That’s something you’ll hear being repeated quite often in this group of LifeCyclists. And I can vouch for that.

So as soon as Alan Curry, Lifecycle Foundation founder, announced that South America was going to be the location for the 22nd Lifecycle challenge, it was the final push I needed to take up this challenge, no more excuses of not finding time to train or its too much of a commitment or I’m not fit enough for this. It was time to take the plunge as my 3 perfect reasons had aligned:-

  • Remembering my Nanna and an opportunity to raise money for kidney research and support
  • Experience 2 countries on my all-time bucket list
  • The chance to push my personal physical and mental limits to an extreme level

And this is where I need your help.

As Part of a team of 17 cyclists, we shall be attempting to cover the near 2000Km from Buenos Aires in Argentina all the way to Santiago de Chile, in just 10 days!

However, the most important part of this Challenge is to raise money for Kidney Research and improving patients’ lives at the Renal Unit in Malta.

During the last couple of CoVID years we have not been able to raise any money through our activities, so we have a steeper target this year to make up for this.

Our teams collective ambition is to raise enough money to cover the following :-

  • Purchasing of 2 Paediatric Haemodyalisis machines
  • Support a Research Programme on conditions leading to kidney failure
  • Financing a Van to be used to transport patients
  • Financial support for the annual patients trips to Lourdes


Help me contribute to this cause and make a donation.

Your donations and support will go a long way.


Thank you in advance for your kind generosity, it means a lot.

Stretch Goals


Let's put in some more effort! 10,000.00

Now that the first target of €7,000 has been reached with 30 days to go, I think we can push a little harder. Let's raise €10,000 for LifeCycle and the Renal Support Unit

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