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Lockdown Festival Culture March 18, 2020 at 10:49 am
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Project Description

Life for an artist these last few days has been flipped on its head. Gigs are cancelled, shows are postponed indefinitely and self employed artists are now faced with uncertainty.

The Lockdown festival is a response to this. We want to keep music and arts alive during times like these. So we thought of organising an online festival. It is a festival adapted to our current situation. It has the same qualities of a physical festival, bringing people together through live music and performances. It gives the artists a channel to perform from, and you a chance to experience it from the comfort, or confinement of your own home.

We want to show support to all the creatives who have been affected whilst also serving as a break from current news and brighten up people’s social media feed.

The festival is inviting artists and musicians to live stream a session from their home or studio. The main event will last for 3 days and the performances will be streamed through the Lockdown Festival facebook page. After the main festival, the page will remain active with a series of Lockdown sessions, with live streamed interviews and performances.


From Friday 20. to Sunday 22. March with Lockdown sessions in the following weeks.

Why crowdfunding

The performances are free for everyone, but we encourage the audience to donate. This way you can support artists who are faced with uncertainty and loss of jobs as shows are cancelled. In addition you will get a gift depending on how much you donate.

Why an online festival?

The idea started as a response to the cancellations of gigs, performances and events. An effort to keep live art and music alive during these strange times. We wish to give people live experiences while providing a stage for the artists to continue performing despite the challenges. We also think it’s important to fill people’s facebook feeds with something positive, a break from the current situation.

Who are the people behind it?

Zoe is a dancer and performing artist. She was a company member with the national dance company of Malta, ZfinMalta, for 4 years and for the last 2 years has worked as a freelancer. She is in recent days has lost most of her work for basically the next months to come. She will use these days as of a confined unemployed artist to practice her drumming in the hopes to one day be merely good enough to be in a band.

Vegard is from a little tiny (much tinier than Malta) island in Norway. He is not new to organising festivals. He has organised Flatoy Rock, a festival starting in his own back yard and later moving to much bigger grounds. This was organised for 5 consecutive years, bringing artists like the Ramones, MFC Chicken and Casio Kids to his hometown. His band has performed in Bergen (and recently Malta).

Keit is an artist and designer based currently in Malta. His work challenges social issue around us, recently getting national coverage for his work called ‘Perch’. He is responsible for the graphic profile and art work of the festival, including the video you just saw.

We also would like to thank our valuable helpers, Niels Plotard and Shawn James (bewyld).
Music for the video is made by Niels Plotard.

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